Renah Appliance Repair does quality freezer repair in your area. We can fix chest freezers, upright freezers. No matter what brand or model your freezer is, we can fix it in no time

Our team of technicians is factory-trained and certified to repair most major brands. Just one call to us and your freezer will be working as good as new.

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Repair Tips

summer is hard on your appliances
Appliance Tips

Summer Can Be Hard on Your Appliances: Keep Them Running

Summer is here, and with it come a lot of seasonal occurrences that can have a major effect on  your appliances. Here, we’ll run through …

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SAve Your Appliance Insurance With your Phone
Appliance Tips

How Your Smartphone Can Save Your Home Appliance Insurance from Going “Poof”

If you are one of those super organized, everything’s always in its place, hair perfectly coiffed kind of people, than you can stop reading this right …

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Appliance Tips

Appliance Tips: How to Prepare for Passover

Families all over the world and the U.S. are gearing up for the preparation of Passover, a nine-day ritual that includes cleansing the home to make it completely …

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