Summer Can Be Hard on Your Appliances: Keep Them Running

summer is hard on your appliances

Summer is here, and with it come a lot of seasonal occurrences that can have a major effect on  your appliances. Here, we’ll run through the different scenarios and what you can do to prevent your appliances from malfunctioning right when you need them most. Yes, summer can be hard on your appliances, but a lot easier if you keep in mind these simple points.

Reasons Why Summer Can Be Hard on Your Appliances

Heat or Heat Wave

Really anytime during summer, you might run into an ice issue and think that your ice maker isn’t making the amount of ice it should. Here are some things to consider:  you are using a lot more ice during the summer. Remind kids (and yourself) to refrain from opening and closing the freezer door too often as this compromises the efficiency of your freezer’s function and power. Also, make sure the seal on the door is tight.

Summer Can Be Hard on Your Appliances: Keep Them Running

Surprisingly, heat may also affect the workmanship of your oven, depending on the model, make and year. Often we see igniter issues pop up when the weather starts heating up. If your oven is taking longer than usual to cook food or has stopped working all together, please contact us and we can assess the issue.

Heat is one of three “ingredients” your dryer needs in order for it to start making mold. Lint and moisture are the other two. Have your dryer inspected for mold, lint build-up and other debris that can pose health risks and fire hazards.

Most electronics and appliances are at risk for condensation damage when the temperature is hot and humid so make sure to wipe them down if this occurs.

Summer Storm

In addition to heat, summer is also notorious for bringing intense storms and often electrical storms. In either, it is best practice to unplug your appliances in the event of a power surge.

Summer Activities

If you happen to have a pool and an accompanying washer and dryer on your pool deck designed for towels and bathing suits, we highly recommend you have your washer and dryer inspected before summer wears on too much farther. Definitely get your dryer inspected and cleaned in order to prevent a fire. Also, because appliances kept outside are more exposed to the elements, often they need more maintenance.

During summer, activities like swimming and sports and just being all around more sweaty and stinky can mean double time for your washer and dryer. We recommend reading your user care guide and manual for recommendations. Also be aware of how much detergent you use – too much can hurt your washer. If possible, dry clothes outside on a clothes drying stand or clothes line.

Clean and Smart Goes a Long Way

As a rule of thumb, when your appliances are clean – thoroughly – they are free to operate at peak levels and are less at risk of breaking when you need them the most. Not sure how to clean a particular appliance? We can help.

Also, never expect an appliance will be able to handle doing double duty; I.E. leaving the freezer door open to cool down the house because the AC is broken is a surefire way to ensure that the freezer will break, too.

Summer Can Be Hard on Your Appliances: Keep Them Running

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