Renah Appliance Repair Wins Customer Satisfaction ASTI Award

renah wins

We had a pretty amazing time at the ASTI, and we have a featured Press Release on SBWire with all the details, which you can find here. The press release talks about our trip to the ASTI and mentions the honorable mention we received from our scheduling company, Rossware Computing. We put together the highlights of this press release below for your reading enjoyment:

We are proud to announce that Renah Appliance Repair was recognized by Rossware Computing at the 2016 Appliance Service Training Institute (ASTI) Awards Banquet on February 18, 2016 for our outstanding performance in customer satisfaction. Renah Appliance Repair scored one of the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of all ServiceDesk clients in 2015. With a score of 96.4 from 404 customer surveys, we showed just how much care, love and effort we put into having superior customer satisfaction with each and every appliance repair appointment!

That’s why we’re not at all surprised that we received such high marks in customer satisfaction! Since 1989, we’ve promised same day appliance repair service, offered no service charge with a repair, and kept our vans fully stocked with frequently used appliance parts to ensure fast turnaround times. Exceptional customer service is what Renah Appliance Repair is all about.

Our company’s success with customer satisfaction is rooted in our repair guarantee. All appliance repairs are backed by a full 30 day labor warranty and 90 day parts warranty, this ensures that customers can rest easy knowing that their appliance repair will be taken care of!

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