Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer

make your refrigerator last longer

Most refrigerators that are coming out have a life expectancy to 15 years or more. Within those 15 years, we can see that our refrigerator might not be running as well as it used to. But if you take care of your refrigerator just like any other appliance, you could save yourself a lot of money to make your refrigerator last longer.

Change Refrigerator Water Filter:

Filters that don’t efficiently remove contaminants and impurities may expose you to harmful water.

  • Follow water filter instructions, as all water filters are different depending on the model. However, most are as easy as turning the filter one-quarter inch and popping it out or locking it in place.
  • Change the filter every 3-6 months depending on water condition and usage.

To view a short video on replacing your water filter on the bottom of your freezer: Play Video

make your refrigerator last longer

Clean Coils In Your Refrigerator:

  • Depending on your model, the coils are either behind the kickplate or at the rear of the fridge.
  • Use a shop or handheld vacuum to suck up any loose particles.
  • Vacuum every 6-12 months.

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