How Your Smartphone Can Save Your Home Appliance Insurance from Going “Poof”

SAve Your Appliance Insurance With your Phone

If you are one of those super organized, everything’s always in its place, hair perfectly coiffed kind of people, than you can stop reading this right now. However, if you’re like us — constantly searching for keys, phone, head — than this little tip might save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth in equity in your home appliance. Of course, it does require your phone, so make sure you don’t lose that!

Save Your Home Appliance Insurance from Going “Poof”

In order to use or capitalize on your home appliance insurance or warranty, you will have to provide the model and serial number of your appliance. In many refrigerators, this number is located in the inside of the fridge. Sometimes, it’s located on the back of your home appliance. Use our Model Number Locator for help finding your tag.

Once you’ve located the tag, snap a picture of the Model Serial Tag with your smartphone, and then save them all to a designated album. This kills two birds with one stone, or rather saves two birds with one stone.

First, it prevents you from actually losing your serial number. Years of wear and tear can erode the tag with all of the pertinent details about your home appliance including serial number, model number, make, year, etc. Why is this a problem? Well….

Say you need repair on your appliance and it’s still covered by the manufacturer’s extended parts warranty, but you can’t read the serial number anymore. Unless you have it filed away somewhere else, you would have to pay out of pocket for that repair as the manufacturer requires this information for service.

(And, while you’re at it, snap a pic of your proof of purchase–aka the receipt–because you’ll need that too!)

Second, let’s say you have a dire kind of home appliance malfunction. Of course if it was truly an emergency, you would want to dial 911, but in the event it was shy of an emergency, let’s say a leaking or flooding washing machine, it would be extremely helpful to have the serial number and model number of your washer at your fingertips — as well as the number of your go-to local appliance repair service. Ack-em! Save our number now >> 845-362-0900!

To snap and save a pic, simply follow the photo instructions below. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Find your home appliance serial model number and take a pic with your smart phone.

Home Appliance Insurance

Step 2: Go to Photos and then to Albums on your iPhone. Click the “+” sign to create a new album. Save it as Appliances. Then, select the photos you want to be added to that album.

Home Appliance Insurance

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