How to Avoid a Dryer Fire

avoid a dryer fire

Many people think of cleaning as a chore, but periodic maintenance of your household appliances can potentially save you from a list of repairs. Regular upkeep, such as replacing worn appliance parts, will improve the appliance’s efficiency while also keeping more money in your wallet. Take 10 minutes out of your schedule to try one of these 10 quick and easy maintenance tips.

Clean Dryer Exhaust:

Lint in your dryer exhaust is a fire hazard; clean the exhaust annually.

  • Loosen the clamp and pull the exhaust off the back of the dryer.
  • Remove clumps of lint from the tubing and the hole in the back of the dryer. Use a coat hanger to carefully remove any large clumps that you can’t reach with your hands.
  • Vacuum all the small lint.
  • Reattach exhaust.

If your not sure about how to do the steps, check out this how-to video here!

how to avoid dryer fires

Clean or Replace Dirty Vent Filters:

  • Metal-mesh grease filters can be washed by hand in soapy water or you can put them in your dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.
  • Don’t attempt to wash charcoal or paper filters; they need to be replace

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