First-Ever 5-Door Refrigerator Review

Kitchen Aid review

When a new iPhone gets released, look out! Everyone goes a little nuts. For months, we talk about the features, doo-dads and ways it will make our life better.

When it comes to new appliances, maybe not so much. But honestly, it’s time to get excited. Enter the first ever 5-door Refrigerator by KitchenAid — a way to revolutionize food storage and ultimately the way you eat.

Being the first ever 5-door refrigerator, it is safe to say that one of the most unique features is just how many doors it has. Most refrigerators simply have two doors, one for the fridge portion and the other for the freezer. Five doors is revolutionary and allows you to quickly and easily access specific areas of the refrigerator without having to open one main door.  But why and who cares, you say?


Efficiency and appliance life extension. Having more doors helps improve the efficiency of the refrigerator and helps extend the life of the compressor. As an added bonus, your food is less likely to spoil from constant temperature fluctuations.

LED lighting easily lights up the refrigerator and freezer and will never need replacing, making maintenance on this beauty a breeze.

The refrigerator portion features two pantry doors and two drawers,  the latter of which offer a soft closing movement and provide a level of convenience that you never knew you were missing.

Change the way you eat. Could a refigerator change the way you eat? Well, with technology made to extend the life of produce, its Perserva Food Care System and a dedicated herb storage compartment, we think so. Plus, the drawers are designed to roll out smoothly even when fully loaded. It’s the small things that can make a huge difference sometimes.

Two is better than one. This streamlined masterpiece also features two separate cooling systems, one for the fridge and one for the freezer, plus it comes with a FreshFlow Air Filter to reduce odors.

The two soft close drawers are located directly beneath the pantry doors . The left drawer can be used to store a variety of items with a temperature control that boasts five presets, including deli/cheese, fish/meats, drinks, herbs/greens, and thaw/marinate.  The right side drawer is perfect for storing extra produce; complete with a produce preserver to help keep your produce fresher longer.

End freezer access nightmares. The freezer is also considered one of a kind, as it comes with a 3-tier drawer system rather than a 2-drawer system. The three separate drawers make food easier to store and access, plus the divider in the bottom basket allows for better organization.

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