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How to Avoid Wrinkling in the Washer and Dryer

avoid wrinkling in the washer and dryer

In a perfect world, wrinkles would become obsolete, and everyone would be happy! But, they are not and we still have wrinkles. One of the biggest problems with wrinkles in clothing is we get a bit lazy while doing the laundry. Who wants to sort dirty laundry? But did you know that if you spent a few minutes sorting your dirty laundry and plan how you are going to do your laundry, you could end up living a wrinkle-free lifestyle. If you are looking for helpful tips on how to avoid wrinkling in the washer and dryer, you have come to the right place. Here you will find some reasons for wrinkling, steps to correct them and ways to prevent.

Reasons for Wrinkling
– Improper sorting of the load (i.e. loading large, heavy items with lightweight, delicate materials).
– Too many items in washer for the load size.
– Use of incorrect wash and drying cycles.
– Incorrect water level during the wash cycles (not enough water for amount of clothes).
– Washing repeatedly in water that is too hot for fabric.
– Accumulations of limescale due to use of carbonate detergents.
– Failure to use fabric softener.
– Leaving clothes in dryer after tumbling stops.
– Too many items in dryer.
– Too few items in the dryer.
Steps to correct wrinkling
– Re-tumble on “Permanent Press” setting with small load.
– Re-rinse and dry on “Permanent Press” setting.
– If unsuccessful, re-tumble on high heat for 10 – 12 minutes and hang immediately.
– Iron carefully.
– If still wrinkled, you may need professional steaming.
avoid wrinkly clothes

Note: If you follow good laundry procedures and “permanent press” clothes still come out wrinkled, the finish may no longer be good quality. The permanent press “memory” has been worn away.

Steps to prevent wrinkling
– Remove clothes immediately when dryer stops tumbling and place on hangers.
– Dry only one washer load at a time. Do not combine loads.
– Proper use of fabric softener will minimize wrinkling.
– Use Full water fill for medium load; Medium fill for small loads.
– Do not wash permanent press items with ordinary items such as towels, bed linens, etc.
– If drying only one article, add two similar articles, even if dry, to ensure proper tumbling.
– Avoid laundering heavy permanent press items, such as work clothes, with lighter permanent press items, such as shirts or blouses.
– Items must have room to move freely. Permanent press loads should always be smaller than regular loads, and no more than medium loads.
– Use Permanent Press Wash and Dry Cycles. This cycle provides a cool down rinse for minimizing wrinkling.
– If a non-phosphate detergent must be used, avoid the use of a high-carbonate detergent (high carbonate would be in the 7% range).
Tangled, Twisted, Knotted Clothes

Tangled, twisted or knotted clothes are usually a result of improper sorting of wash loads. To prevent clothing from knotting and twisting:

– Avoid mixing heavy items with light items.
– Avoid putting too many or too few items in the washer.
– Make sure you set the proper water level for the size load you are doing. The water level should just cover the clothes.
– Never wrap the clothes around the agitator.
– Be sure your wash water is not too hot for the fabric.

See Washer Water Level / Load Size and Hints for Sorting Clothes, or your Owner’s manual for load size suggestions.

To view a short video on getting the best wash performance from your washer:
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