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Dishwashers and Phosphates FAQs

Sometimes working with your can be a little frustrating, especially if your dishes are not coming out clean. Here are some common questions that people asked about dishwashers and phosphates and some helpful tips on some alternatives to using phosphates. Why is There White Film on Glassware, Dishes, and the Dishwasher Interior? Are your dishes not … Continue reading "Dishwashers and Phosphates FAQs"

7 Steps to Cleaning Your Washer

Cleaning your washer sounds ironic but like any machine, you need to make sure that it's clean and fresh. Many cwashers have little hiding areas that are prime spots for bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow. The best way to prevent this is by cleaning once a month.  Here are 7 steps to cleaning your … Continue reading "7 Steps to Cleaning Your Washer"

How to Avoid a Dryer Fire

Many people think of cleaning as a chore, but periodic maintenance of your household appliances can potentially save you from a list of repairs. Regular upkeep, such as replacing worn appliance parts, will improve the appliance’s efficiency while also keeping more money in your wallet. Take 10 minutes out of your schedule to try one … Continue reading "How to Avoid a Dryer Fire"