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Best Front Load Bellow Cleaner

Making sure that your washer is clean sounds ironic, doesn't it? Did you know that mold & mildew can grow in everything that uses water that doesn't become dry? It is a common occurrence for many front load washers to be left with a few puddles of water hanging in the bellow of the washer. If left … Continue reading "Best Front Load Bellow Cleaner"

Common Stains And The Proper Removal Procedures

Dirty fingers are easy to clean. Dirty clothes are a little more complicated. We compiled a list of common stain removal procedures that you should know about. From coffee stains, mustard stains, soft drink stains and more. We are here to tell you some of the best common stain removal procedures! Common Liquid Stains Coffee/tea: Soak in cold … Continue reading "Common Stains And The Proper Removal Procedures"

How to Avoid Wrinkling in the Washer and Dryer

In a perfect world, wrinkles would become obsolete, and everyone would be happy! But, they are not and we still have wrinkles. One of the biggest problems with wrinkles in clothing is we get a bit lazy while doing the laundry. Who wants to sort dirty laundry? But did you know that if you spent … Continue reading "How to Avoid Wrinkling in the Washer and Dryer"

5 Ways For A Fungus Free Dishwasher

What can you do eliminate fungi in your dishwasher that survive well in high temperature, high moisture, and high alkaline pH values? Check out these 5 tips for a fungus free dishwasher! Let the dishwasher dry out Since the fungi do survive well in warm and moist places, letting things dry out would be a … Continue reading "5 Ways For A Fungus Free Dishwasher"

My Dryer is Making a Thump Noise! Here’s Why…

What's that strange noise coming from your laundry room? It's your dryer making a thumping noise or squealing noise. What should you do? Here are the most common causes of dryer noises and possible solutions: Dryer Making Thumping Noise: Problems & Solutions Before you rule the problem as a dryer repair issue, be sure to … Continue reading "My Dryer is Making a Thump Noise! Here’s Why…"

Renah Appliance Repair Wins Customer Satisfaction ASTI Award

We had a pretty amazing time at the ASTI, and we have a featured Press Release on SBWire with all the details, which you can find here. The press release talks about our trip to the ASTI and mentions the honorable mention we received from our scheduling company, Rossware Computing. We put together the highlights of this … Continue reading "Renah Appliance Repair Wins Customer Satisfaction ASTI Award"