7 Steps to Cleaning Your Washer

Cleaning your washer sounds ironic but like any machine, you need to make sure that it’s clean and fresh. Many cwashers have little hiding areas that are prime spots for bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow. The best way to prevent this is by cleaning once a month.  Here are 7 steps to cleaning your washer so you can make sure your clothes are clean and fresh.

1 – Clean out the catch. Under the machine’s service panel, you’ll find a catch that may be filled with lint and other materials (even socks). Place one or more folded towels in front of your washing machine before cleaning out the catch, as it is probably filled with dirty water.

2 – Clean the gray gasket and door seal inside the wash tub. Remove any trapped materials from inside the gasket. Wipe down the entire gasket (including the inside) with a bleach-based cleaner, or vinegar. Dry the gasket thoroughly.


Front loading washing machines are growing more popular each year as an increasing number of consumers want higher efficiency machines that use less water. A problem that has been found with most front loading machines, however, is a musty smell after laundry is washed. The culprit is likely to mold, which is most often found on the inside of the door. Clean a front loading washing machine with vinegar to eliminate these smell issues and health hazards. Even if you don’t notice a sour smell, your washing machine can benefit from a monthly cleaning with vinegar to get rid of detergent buildup.

1-Run a long wash cycle with only water and one cup of white vinegar in the washer. Do not use any detergent or place any clothing in the wash.

2-Wipe down the door gasket, seals, and door interior with a soft cloth soaked in a water and vinegar solution after the wash cycle finishes. The solution should be 50 percent vinegar.

3-Rinse the door gasket and seals after cleaning them with the vinegar solution to prevent deterioration and damage of the seal.

4-Wipe the inside of the door, including the gasket and seals dry. Leave the door open slightly to allow the washer to air out.

5-Repeat this cycle once per month to keep your front loading washer smelling fresh and to prevent mold on the door.

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